You would have to recognize and appreciate the helplessness of India. The helplessness of not being able to deal with a non-violent uprising. After all, when a country has had a history of stamping out revolutions under the pretext of terrorism, one can expect nothing but bullets. It does not matter to them, what people say and how they say it, they at best can resort to what they are capable of, kill people.

Helplessness invariably leads to madness and insecurity, which is what is on display nowadays in Kashmir. How else can you expect security forces to erect permanent barricades around Lal Chowk to prevent people from gathering there. Fools ( as they are) do not understand that, revolutions are not held hostage merely by a place or two. Moresoever this pathetic, inane action speaks volumes about their confidence. With guns in hand and license to kill, they still do not expect themselves to stop people. Cowards. (Mr. Arnab Goswami this was for you, you were cracking up your throat last night to label infiltrators of Jammu as cowards)

Insecurity gathers up fear. The fear of getting exposed (as if India is not already unmasked). Which is when you stop every iota of news from coming out. That explains beating up scribes and banning local news channels/newspapers. I do not expect anything from national newspapers/channels for they have serious issues at hand to discuss, namely Demons in deserted graves or Aliens inclination towards cows.

Once the senses are drained out, a failed state can do anything it likes. It can beat up doctors, stop ambulances, kill women, shoot children, raid mosques, every insanity that comes to mind.

A word of caution though. Just because India has turned insane does not mean that it will be spared. It will have to answer for every suffering that it has inflicted.

And now to the non-entities, whom people refer to as Jammuites. As absurd as it sounds, Samiti leaders have decided to boycott talks with the Governer (Talks which are anyways inconsequential in the larger scheme of things for there is no confusion in our minds about the ownership). The reasons quoted are police excesses and abuses. To add shit to filth, these insignificant creatures have also demanded the resignation of IG Jammu. As things stand today, you can very well expect Indian government to agree to their demands. The charade that they have put up will meet an appropriate end. The visciousness of the like-minded insanes (paradox) will be on display.

Nevertheless, I heard, a rally in Jammu was postponed, Samiti leaders decided to retract and resume talks. I wonder, what prompted all this.


~ by candidmusing on August 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Insanity”

  1. bhai thand rakh thand………

  2. gr8 pure insanity i know it =)

  3. ….

  4. Excellent chronicle of the events.

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