Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the darkest of them all

Although this should have been an introductory blog, an ‘about me’ sort of a post. But at such an early stage we didn’t know where the trend of our thoughts would lead ‘us’ or this blog. Now that the blog is some 2 months old, the blog feels it should say something. Listen.

Meet me. I’m “Recluse”. The name itself conveys an inclination towards solitude and with only a few fellow ‘blogs’ knowing me, I certainly portray the same ‘reclusive’ nature as my moderator. My moderator believes in “It is better to be alone than being lonely” attitude, but I wouldn’t concord to it, atleast not in a bloggers world.

Pondering over, my development over the last two months, I feel my contributors have rendered me with a gravity, at least in contrast to all my fellow blogs. It seems that I am a vent for a random mix of emotions and thoughts – most of the time doleful, though. My writers like to explore deep dark heart rending human emotions – complexity of human existence, parting away, death, so on and so forth.

However, in a light mood, they tend to go back to their Kashmiri roots – the beautiful place, the people, and yes of course the most recent ‘Chinar’. Oh, yeah and how can I forget the Barmecidal promises they make, of coming up with blogs about their childhood memories (after being inspired by ‘Taare Zameen Par’, and an evening C’not discussion), and the review about ‘SNOW’. I have regrets with my bloggers – for having spoiled my reputation among my fellow blogs, because of their procrastination in writing blogs, they plan to.

Some of the blogs posted on me, do have a commonality – most of the time they are comprehendible only to ‘the people behind the blog’ , (or sometimes not even to them, if the author happens to be ‘Peer Sahib’) or to Kashmiris, owing to the Kashmir specific nature.

It seems I’ve come up with a critical autobiography of myself. Anyhow I would like to offer my sympathies to all those readers, who get caught up in ‘My’ reconditeness and gravity. But it is good to have an enigma around oneself. And with regard to the promised blogs, I just tell my readers to be sanguine and never lose on hope. Keep checking.



~ by candidmusing on February 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

  1. coming back after a long time!


  2. “It is better to be alone than being lonely” , loved it!!

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