Roz Roz Boz Mein Zaar Madno


Historically I have not been an avid fan of Kashmiri Music, but a conversation with dad about the song that was playing on a local FM station brought out the latent liking. The song titled ‘Roz Roz Boz Mein Zaar Madno’ has been penned down by Mahjoor and originally sung by Ghulam Hassan Sofi. The one which we were listening to has been reformatted with a female voice. Anyways the gender does not matter, what matters finally is the emotion it portrays.

The subtle emotion I am referring to, is typified by this screenshot (see picture) of the movie ‘Baran’ (Masterpiece of the Master). As Zahra departs and Lateef endures, a lot is left unsaid. If only Majid Majidi would allow to spoil the scene by choosing words to describe the unspoken, they might be what Mahjoor wrote. (Translation by me)

Roz roz boz mein zaar madno

Daadiey chaaniey chas haa beymaar madno

Stop, stem, impede and listen, The torment that pursues

The affliction is you, the pain imbues

Katche zoon gaejthas, safraes laejthas

Tchaurmakh gaame shahar madno

The moon I resemble, Treaded have I an assured death

Have sought you for ages, In dreams and breath

Yaar daud krooth pyaum, shuir paan zaaiye gaum

Tche patte rowum laukchaar madno

Your dodge proved dire, My credulity turned mire

The cradle crunch lost in the burning pyre

Nazre chaaniey seeith, beymaar balaiey keeith

Myaane weeizi loguth be aar madno

Eyes that ease the grief of scores

Failed me, Couldnt wade me to the shores

Ishaar hawaan, dil katraawaan

Bhumbe chai tez talwaar madno

Through cues you draw the arcs of pain

Brows you have that pierce me insane

Tche myon ghamkhaar, tche myon sitamgaar

Tche chauk, tche haa bulgaar madno

Its you who heals, Its you who wreaks

The wounds are yours, The wraps for sure

Wanihaa mahjoor daastaane dil zaroor

Wanas ti chui naa tas waar madno

I wish to recount the tales of sting

Something that nips and I fail to bring

~ by candidmusing on February 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Roz Roz Boz Mein Zaar Madno”

  1. The name is “Baran” and not “Zahra”..Zahra was the girl child from Children of Heaven…and thanks for posting the lyrics(with meanings) of the song 🙂

  2. i found one more translation….here it goes…
    Stay, O love, and hear my plaint !
    Love-sick, I yearn for you.

    You’ve made a Kartik full moon peak and pine,
    Seeking you over hill and dale.

    How hard to watch youth waste away –
    O, what price to pay for love !

    Masval, yembenal and pomegranate blossoms
    I offer at your feet, my love.

    Your eyes are swords of blandishment,
    Well aimed straight at my heart.

    Both love and torment flow from you –
    You are both the wound and the balm.

    My blood joins now with streams of tears.
    Like scattered necklace pearls I lie !

    You’ve cured so many with your loving eyes,
    Buy why was no compassion left for me ?

    The Bengal magicians were seized with despair
    On beholding your eyes like cups of wine.

    Mahjoor would reveal all his deepest thoughts,
    If he were truly free to open out his heart !

  3. Want to be part of this site

    People talk about different eras of peotry but Mehjoor Sahab Kashmiri peotry is unresemable Be it “roz roz” or any other Mehjoor Sahab seeks to be like one among us today.
    Whenever I am upset or in deep troubles I turn to “roz roz” believe me I am always refreshed.

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