Blindness meets Fire

The distant hour. A morning, a weeping afternoon or a silent night raped every hour that it never lived. All of them. The little twilight hours and a hope that rises again. The tempest. A thought, two thoughts, a third one…The apocalypse…

Of what little I comprehend, the discerning sight unravels a paradox. A farce which finds no equals. A dysfunctional ideology which forms the crumbling basis of “The Country of Blind”. An apparent phantasm, where the blind can see what they want and how they want it. Welcome to India-The “El-Dorado” or as they say “the mythical land of fabulous riches“. The riches of clandestine unity in diversity, the fake democracy infested with vermin like VHP, Bajrang Dal and other “nugatory” offshoots, the mirage called secularism and the hallucinations of nationalism.

The proverbial potrayal of this sham is the suppression of freedom….the freedom called paradise-Kashmir.

Kashmir….the tale of blood bath continues unabated. The tale that India enacts and re-enacts. We all live and die. But Kashmiris live, die and then rise again only to be carried through the pain of death again. A million souls lay shattered and wounded but that million becomes a miniscule when the tag is “A Kashmiri”. A Kashmiri who takes birth to be martyred and to be branded what apparently is a figment of hypercreative Indian thought-the terrorist. The holy mother lies in the wait of her only son and this wicked hope lingers on till the life and death become the same. The aging father needs a hand to walk a few more miles but the son faltered. He walked even lesser. The sister was stripped away of her sanctity a few hours or a few days or a few years ago in the era of “Apocalypse”. The young kid, the little brother still plays, the infinite void now his only friend.

But alas…”The Country of Blind”…the perpetually blind. The starry night makes no wonder for them. They want to paint it…all red… Ironically, they have no sight, no memory…


~ by candidmusing on August 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “Blindness meets Fire”

  1. This is the first thing of your I’ve ever read. I am new to WordPress, but I’ve been a writer for a while. I like the way you take me in one direction and then another, I am going to read more of your stuff.

  2. Candidmusing!
    What do you think why Kashmiri’s/Muslims are only suffering everywhere ? Whether that be Kashmir,Gujarat,Iran,Iraq,Palestine etc etc etc.

  3. Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) made a prophecy that goes like:
    ” Islam was born an alien religion. It attracted the ire of many. And nearing the end of days, it would again face an alienation…..”

    And we know very well what the cause of this alienation is. Pretty much the same as was in Arabia.

  4. The economic blockade done by the extremist political parties n the hooligans being called over in jammu from all over india was the epitome of the so called indian secularism….the indian govt mentioning of reinstating supplies were all bogus & never according to the expectation of the masses….& infact afer implicating sudden curfews throughout the valley…when people already had no stocks at home…the indian govt. did nothing but increased the suffering and subjugation on kashmiris… ;In a so called secular state of india…people werent allowed to offer the nimaz….mothers werent allowed to find food for their children….;15 journalist were beaten by the CRPF,news telecast are banned,various incidents where kashmiris were shot dead without warnings,ambulances werent allowed to ply on the roads….doctors were beaten for doing their noblest profession.; this is secular and democratic india… where kashmiris were never treated humans..while UN is only watchn down on kashmir…n the PM Dr.Manmohan Singh is just calling for meetings to create a secular india…n WE,WE KASHMRIS are meant to suffer,fluster…coz we r under the so called democratic INDIA…..i being a kashmiri never recognise me as an indian …n wud never do so!!!!!!!!!…….join the petition n sign in….

  5. Exactly !
    So we have to blame none but ourselves.

  6. Hmmmm.. Nice work.. I actually like how you use Apocalypse..
    A good read actually.. Very few things need to be changed or kept in mind in future.. Like when you say ‘Kashmiri’ it’s actually a fuckin’ Kashmiri MUSLIM.. Why can’t, for once, we take a stand.. Or if it’s the hits on the blog that matter then it’s a different thing altogether..
    Otherwise a quite solid write up.
    Keep writing.

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