At the crossroads

My journey from the innocent crawling toddler of 10th class, to the excited teenager of 11th class, who has just taken the first step but thinks she has mastered the art of running, to a still struggling and trembling youth of 12th class, I have finally reached the first milestone of my life. The point where I have to decide the path which I have to take in order to realise my dream.Yes, you guessed it right. It is the stage of my life in which not only me but my entire family, cousins, uncles, aunts, maamus and maamis and even the next door Aunty ji have jitters. It is the after +2 stage or in common language the so called “entrance”!

Confusion, depression, frustration, are just a few words to compliment it. It is the time when everyone has their eyes on you. Your teachers and parents have great expectations from you, they expect you to burn the midnight oil, work really hard and just prove yourself. All have their fingers crossed and what they want you to get is that great seat of “dactaree” or “inginering”  but in this plethora of expectations and pressure, the innocent child crosses his/her elastic limit and can breakdown at any time. The traditional essay “my aim in life” seems more difficult than the quantum mechanical model of atom or the Einstien’s equation. And if you think that this is all then the much hated question arrives next ”so beta what have u decided? Ab aagay kya karna hai” . I really don’t know guys what next. It is my sincere appeal to all the Uncles and Aunties out there not to ask this question in such a tone that it makes us cry out for help.


For the past 19 years I have been thinking of my ultimate profession, my greatest dream. Sometimes I wanted to be a pilot, then a teacher, I saw barkha dutt and thought of journalism, may be a social worker, as the hartals invaded the valley I stressed on being a politician making Kashmir liberal again, but what about a KAS officer that would be really cool, architect or a painter, MBBS craze is gone and engineers don’t have a job. Oh! leave everything I think it is best to just relax at your home and be a home maker!!

Huh.The more I think about it, the more I get confused. “Hazaaron khwahishein aisi ki har khwahish pe dum nikle” seems a perfect quote for me. Also, boredom has crept into our life now; tuitions and school-life has finished; not heard of my friends since ages; dinesh, pradeep and agarwal wont leave us. Some friends have gained a lot of weight due to over-eating while others have starved themselves. Due to last week’s hartals, whole of Kashmir was on boil. How can you study in such conditions, internet went berserk and we still had to complete the counselling formalities, admit cards didnt reach us as the Post-office was shut off, and all this made even me cry out the slogan ‘Hum kya chahtey azaadi’.

Well, well, well, after such a long list of complains and grumbling, a ray of hope still lives out there. The silver lining though thin still finds its way in the storm. The simple thing is that we are not the only ones in the entire world who are going through this confusing phase. Ask your brother or cousin and they will narrate their experiences, their journey through the rugged path of life. Ultimately everyone will come to the conclusion that whatever happens, its just for the best.

Digressing, I would also like to add that parents being the most important people in the life of their children need to show love and care for them. What they need most at this phase of life is just their support and belief in their dreams. they should be guided so that they may opt for the right choice. Teachers also play a vital role in moulding them. Proper counseling and few words of encouragement are enough to set them going and face the world boldly.

Even if you were not able to go through the great entrance exams like AIEEE, AMU, AIMS, COMIDK, JMU, IIT and all other ABCD’s, don’t lose your hope yet and have faith in yourself, these exams are not the ultimate tests to prove your worth, you are much more than all this. Isn’t it? MBBS and Engineering are not the only professions. There are tonnes of subjects of your interest calling you with open arms.

“Koshish kare insaan to kya nahi us ke bas main

Yeh hai kam himatti jo ki bebasee maloom hoti hai”

And all those who have not seen the bright sun over the last 6 months, do work hard but don’t miss to enjoy the ride. Take a break and meet your friends, spend some time with yourself, fiddle with those crayons which have been left untouched since your school days and color your imagination, speak to your elders and express your views but then do come back and continue your studies.

So all guys and gals out there, just work hard, dont think too much and then leave everything in Allah’s hand, for He is the most merciful. He will surely take care of all of us.

“Hai kahaan tamanna ka doosra qadam ya-rabb
Hum ne dasht-e-imkaan ko ek naqsh-e-paa paaya”

I don’t know where my next step of desire will take me to, but I must take another step for something beautiful has already been written in my destiny and I want to disclose it.

Best of luck to all.

(Deebha Mumtaz)


~ by candidmusing on August 24, 2008.

7 Responses to “At the crossroads”

  1. Hello Deebha,
    I am looking for articles for our new website . I really liked your article and would like to include it in our website if you allow us to. In addition, we would be delighted to get more articles from your side since you write very well.
    Thanks in advance. Hope to see your reply soon.
    Parag Arora
    B.Tech. Elec., IIT Delhi

  2. Well said Deebha!you summed up all the feelings for the students who appear in the entrance exam.As you said “Life” is much more than this exam,entrance is not the end but just the beginning of the challenges which we have to face in future.All the best. 🙂
    Candidmusing!How was the display snap related to blog ? Any funda behind it :).

  3. It is simple. The crossroads(lines) represent destiny as well as confusion.

  4. awesome twosome threesome n bla bla bla hats off i didndt know
    we had such a great intellect at our uni
    hats off
    lloking forward for more !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. It was nice to see your article in GK. All the best for your future.

  6. Ur article fill my eyes with tears, because i ve seen a no. Of students who lost their everything bcoz of entrance xams, some lost their life(suicide) , some their carrier(by trying and trying for years) and some people lost everything. Ur article may be a source of inspiration for such type of students.

  7. thanks inam 4 appreciation.

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