Ground Realities

Ah! How far is perception away from truth.

Last week has been a homecoming of sorts. The only difference though is that the protests are peaceful and spontaneous. Get an idea from the headlines over the last few days.


Night protests are back in Srinagar

World wakes up to Kashmir crisis


Shutdown, blackout in Valley

Green flags hoisted on Clock Tower



No dearth of refreshments enroute Pampore

Fabric comes free for flags

For all those who still do not want to believe, they deserve the relentless agony of sordid channels like India TV and company. Let them listen to tales of utter nonsense. A glimmer of hope amidst this filth is NDTV and CNN IBN, which to some extent can hold their head high. That reminds me of the latest debate on ‘We The People’. Some brilliant bytes:

“For us the land deal is over, If you want it, touch me if you can”, Sajjad Lone reducing a Samiti’s leader to shame.

“I thank BJP because what Hurriyat could not do for last 10 years was achieved by BJP in a month, Revival of the Kashmiri sentiment.”, Shaukat Sheikh, Law Professor, Kashmir University.

“New Delhi likes to believe that they will sleep over the Kashmir problem and it will get solved magically”, Omar Abdullah.

“You have a problem, you have a severe identity crisis and that is why you are probably shouting over nothing”, Sajjad Lone making a mockery of the Jammu protests.

“Firing is the last resort, the Indian army does not seem to have water canons while dispersing protesters in Kashmir Valley. Even if you are forced to fire, fire in the air and if that fails, fire at the legs. The people who have died over the last 2-3 days have sustained bullet injuries in head, chest and shoulders”, Omar Abdullah stunning Indian politicians with bare facts.

Seeing the unity of thought of Kashmiris, other panelists were approriately stunned.


~ by candidmusing on August 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Ground Realities”

  1. The best part was when Sajjad Lone said “Switch Off his Microphone” to Samiti Leader 🙂

  2. bravo!

  3. The bottom line is : Kashmiris converse better than anybody else. And it is not because of the proficiency in language, it is the intellect that reflects.

  4. The economic blockade done by the extremist political parties n the hooligans being called over in jammu from all over india was the epitome of the so called indian secularism….the indian govt mentioning of reinstating supplies were all bogus & never according to the expectation of the masses….& infact afer implicating sudden curfews throughout the valley…when people already had no stocks at home…the indian govt. did nothing but increased the suffering and subjugation on kashmiris… ;In a so called secular state of india…people werent allowed to offer the nimaz….mothers werent allowed to find food for their children….;15 journalist were beaten by the CRPF,news telecast are banned,various incidents where kashmiris were shot dead without warnings,ambulances werent allowed to ply on the roads….doctors were beaten for doing their noblest profession.; this is secular and democratic india… where kashmiris were never treated humans..while UN is only watchn down on kashmir…n the PM Dr.Manmohan Singh is just calling for meetings to create a secular india…n WE,WE KASHMRIS are meant to suffer,fluster…coz we r under the so called democratic INDIA…..i being a kashmiri never recognise me as an indian …n wud never do so!!!!!!!!!…….join the petition n sign in….

  5. once upon a time i used 2 b proud of calling myself an indian.. but soon i had 2 face reality, the bitter truth. india,mother 4 every1 was step mom 4 us!!!
    “tumhari tehzeeb apnai khanjar sai aap he khud kushe karai ge
    jo shaakh-ai-nazuk pe aashiyaan banai ga napaye daar hoga”

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