‘Beneath this mask there is more than flesh… Beneath this mask there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.’

V for Vendetta

I tried my best not to involve myself in the quagmire, but patience has limits (for I am human). How long can you wait, not an eternity in all. What is the point in waiting for I have a duty. A duty towards motherland. An unsaid commitment. And those who resist against this will bite dust in this world or the other.

I begin by saying, Kashmir is special, not because it ought to enjoy special status, but it will bleed to rise. It will defy oppression to hoist the flag of grit.

The oppressor is a country which has all the time in the world to boast about its petty gold medal (for they had won none) but has no channel-space for the people it is buchering on the streets of Srinagar (Impartial Media-bloody farce). It is so weak a country that it needs 7 lakh troops to martial a territory, which it claims to be its integral part. What paradox. The worst part is that it makes itself to believe that the people of Kashmir would forget the brutal attrocities, custodial killings, inhumane interrogations and public humiliation.

Indian Security Forces, who are reffered to as dogs in Kashmir can exercise no control over the non-entities blocking the highway but can definitely shower bullets on unarmed people in broad day light. The numbers speak for themselves. A 30-40 day unrest in Jammu results in the death of 4 policemen and 5 civilians, while as a couple of days of genuine protest in the Kashmir Valley sees 20 people attaining matyrdom.

And as far as Amarnath Yatra is concerned over which Jammuites whimper, there has not been a single untoward instance involving a Yatri. And yet, label the revolution as being communal. Keep in mind that if Kashmiris want, they will not spare a single Yatri, but we are not mass murderers like Indian authorites.

The only thing India or its citizens can do other than killing Kashmiris, is having an economic blockade, holding Kashmiris to ransom. It is good that India is taking away what little dependence we had on them. Let us die but we will not beg. We will excercise our freedom of choice of trading outside. Apparently India doesnt want that as well, what it only wants is to kill and cripple Kashmiris.

And finally, I salute all those Kashmiris who have laid down their lives for the elusive freedom. Your sacrifices will not go waste, in this lifetime or the other. Nasrun Minnallahi Wa Fathan Qareeb.


~ by candidmusing on August 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “REVOLUTION”

  1. Well said ” We will die but we will not beg.”InshaAllah the D-Day is not far when we will get Independence.

  2. brothrs…definitely..n INSHA ALLAH v vl TRIUMPH…TRIUMPH…n TRIUMPH …till v achieve wt v r meant for………..FREEDOM ……FREEDOM form OPPRESSION

  3. I have just two questions:
    1. Wwhat is Your stand on Kashmiri Pandits? Do u accept them as citizens of Kashmir or not?
    2. Why is Kashmiri freedom movement termed to be an islamic one? and y were the Pandits driven out by mass murder and rape, by so called inncoent freedom fighters?

  4. Karan

    1. Yeah, I accept them as citizens of Kashmir. Infact Kashmiri Pandits have had an instrumental role in the evolution of Kashmiri culture.

    2. I for one never termed Kashmir freedom movement to be an Islamic one. I believe detractors label it as that. As far as driving out Kashmiri Pandits is concerned, anybody who committed that blunder whether it be militants or the establishment has to be brought to book. These militants were not human leave alone being freedom fighters.

    I sympathize with all Kashmiri Pandits who were driven out. I can only imagine what they have been through. And sometimes I feel that all the pain that KASHMIR is suffering from is an equalization of deeds.

  5. 1. In Kashmir people are burning Indian Flag and hoisting Pakistani Flag. Your stand on this-
    a – Man what is wrong with you ?? Kashmir is a part of Pakistan !!
    b – Yeah , Pakistan Zindabad !
    c- We want to get rid of Indian government and Suppport Pakistani govt. because that is the one which will take care of us in all the repects and is far more capable than Indian Government.
    d- They should not use Pakistan’s flag for the protest after all its just about sufferings of people which we want relief from not the government.

    2.So now, what do you mean by independence of kashmir —
    a-Kashmir as an independent country ?
    b-Kashmir as a part of pakistan ?
    c-Other(Please Specify)

    3. If kasmir is given independence in the way you suggested above, what will be your stand on Kashmiri Pandits :
    a- Will support the view point of giving their land/money back
    b- Will try to compensate their loss by just saying “I Sympathize with Kashimiri Pandits”
    c- Now it is a matter of past so forget it.
    c- Kashmiri Pandits ?? This is our land man ..

  6. i have something 4 say 2 d indian babus
    “pehlai tau hosh cheen liyai zulmo sitam sai
    deewanege ka phir hamain ilzaam diya ha”

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