Children of Heaven – Film Review

I had only heard about Iranian films being original and simplistic. ‘Children of Heaven’ made me believe it. This unassuming movie makes you realise that cinema is all about telling stories with sincerity and unfeigned thought.

As the tagline ‘A little secret…Their biggest adventure’ suggests, the film captures the relationship of a brother (Ali) and sister (Zahra) and their endeavor over a lost pair of shoes. This struggle of sorts brings out their poverty of choice and purity of love.

Scenes where Ali and Zahra converse in verbatim or otherwise are the real highlights of the movie. Ali and Zahra exchanging notes, Ali gifting away his gift to Zahra, Ali kindling hope in Zahra of getting shoes and Zahra’s gaze at Ali’s feet in the climax are stirringly emotive. Infact you cant stop yourself from hitting remembrance of innocent childhood.

The movie reaches a zenith in the penultimate sequence of foot race where Ali is natural to the hilt. Check out his unpretentious expressions, they have never been captured before on celluloid. Well if I am not deducing too much, I would like to believe that Aamir might have had a sighting of this movie while making ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Even if what I am suggesting is true, it would be a case of genuine inspiration. [Drawing competition and Foot race dont compare well]

As fate would have it, ‘Children of Heaven’ lost out to the Italian film, ‘Life is Beautiful’ in Best Foreign Film Category of Oscars in 1998. What competition. What cinema.


~ by candidmusing on July 28, 2008.

6 Responses to “Children of Heaven – Film Review”

  1. Good to know a fellow Kashmiri who has liked Children of Heaven and Pamuk..

    Another Farsi movie I would recomend is Rang-e-Khuda. Beautiful.

    I dunno about you, but I am a sucker for Iranian movies. I get a very homely feeling watching them.

  2. I have become a sucker recently. There is a common string in the culture, thats why it strikes a chord.

  3. Most genuine story telling at its best…very simple yet so griping till very end..Innocence and very pleasing… Act is of top notch … MIND BLOWING…

  4. Guys if you like Children of Heaven in particular and Majid Majidis direction in general, do not miss out on ‘Baran’. It is about purity of love.

  5. The climax scene with ‘Ali’ & the fishes was one of the most powerful metaphoric scene I’ve seen in a while. I assumed that the fishes kissed his wounds in a way consoling him but my friend thought the fishes were biting his wounds which was symbolizing that one person’s pain is someone’s gain. His view made me realize that perceptions are so vital in deciphering ‘metaphors’. What was your perception ?

  6. I’m so sad after I see Children of heaven

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