The view is from a solitary hut in Yusmarg. The place silently breathes tranquility. That is ample inspiration for penning poems. This one is about experiencing nightfall with the beloved. It is purely imaginative and was envisaged by me, Muneem and Nadeem.


Shaam se aaj rubaru, Hum hogaye

Waqt to thamta naheen, Ae chand tu thahar

Jugnu bhi aane lage, Saraa shabnam huwi

Anjuman taaron ki, sajne lagee

Ik hirs jagee, dil main kaheen

Kaise kahoon tumse, Shreen-rukh saamne

Hairaan hoon main, Khamosh hoon

Shaam-e-Shameem main khoya hoon

Khaalis dil hai mera, Mumkin to zaraa

Baithe raho saamne, Nazm abhi zaahir nahin


~ by candidmusing on July 4, 2008.

One Response to “Nazm-e-Shaam”

  1. I didn’t understand shreen-rukh…I know the meaning of shereen.I guess it means beloved.Are you referring to the same?

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