Zones 1-56

It looks like a mountain (I would have preferred to call it a hillock, but somehow mountain sounds more attractive), turned anticlockwise by 90 degrees. Somewhere far away I hear a tune. I have been hearing it ever since I came here and now that tune is echoing from the mountain. The tune of life, the tune of mortality is slowly dying down. This particular mountain is unique in its own way. Apart from the uncommon inclination, it has embedded in it a whole lot of human qualities, ranging from calmness to rage, from love to hatred. In a strange way, and to my surprise, it reflects my life. I can see myself in each of it’s layers, one expression hidden behind the other. White for peace, red for anger, green for envy, blue for calmness, all artistically arranged.

My arms are giving away, fingers bleeding… I can no longer hold on to the cliff. I let go off it. As I start falling, I bid adieu to the mountain, somehow it felt analogous to bidding farewell to my existence. I fall and fall into the deep black abyss……


~ by candidmusing on February 15, 2008.

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  1. Beautiful

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