Disappearing Humans


Memories. They come back. They ravage and you are left a handicap, the whole of your life. The autumn leaves always get crumpled under ones’s feet. And that is what the life becomes. A thousand hearts beat in your chest and you never really come to terms with the façade that this world is. But, at the irony of things, you love it all. To have been what no one can ever be.

The cold September wind knocks at my door. My dreams sleep and my indolence wakes up. At around 4:25 AM, I am at one of the rotaries in my college. In the distance, walks a man towards me, like a resurfacing memory, who looks so small. But as he draws closer my figure is subdued by something colossal. The man is Syed or ‘Peer Sahab’ (fondly called for his immoral divinity). His reaction is a fit of laughter and I join in. And none of us knows, what is it all about. Must be another beautiful thing from our unfaithful past. As the tumult dies down, we float on the hum of our conversations towards the mess, where we are supposed to do ‘Sehri’.

In a bright halo just outside, is Junaid, oscillating between the endless corridors of his mind. A glint lights up his eyes, as he finds us in that beautiful corridor. I greet him and Syed pats him on the back and it looks like an accident between a truck and a bicycle. Jitters again. We continue eating and come to a halt with the call of the ‘Muezzin’. But Syed Sahab issues a ‘fatwa’, saying we can continue for five minutes after the ‘Azaan’. As faithful followers (just the two of us), we continue lousily.

5:30 AM. Three of us at the college crossroad. Owais and Junaid are about to leave. They bid me goodbye. I don’t return it. They walk away, getting smaller and smaller in the realms of my mind, till I photograph them at the point where they seem to cross the threshold of my vision. I feel like tears in my eyes. I reach out for my hands to wipe them off. But my eyes are dry like a famine. The tears are long gone. It is all an illusion.


~ by candidmusing on January 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Disappearing Humans”

  1. Memories! they do come back. and they did as I perused this one. I dont think anybody else, except the trinity, can understand the depth of whatever is penned down here.. Marvellous as always. My vision has become hazy (despite the spectacles) and I need not say why…

  2. That long walk back from the mess is all I need.

  3. beautiful…each and every moment has been described vividly..

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