To witness a death and to experience one is not same.


It is like a dream snapped off. The pattern therefore is essentialy identical. There is shock rather a confusion at the outbreak. The stark similarity lies in this initial uncertainty. This uncertainty is a consequence of our limited mind. At that initial instant, the mind cannot figure out what the reality is. We humans want this unsureness to prolong because we cannot fathom virtual reality.

Dream and life are inherently virtual realities. Just because dream is shorter, we take less time in realising the eventuality. In death, it takes us quite a while. Coming back to where I was, what follows this initial confusion is a slow transition into our senses. This transition is typified by being monosyllabic. Once we are relatively back to our habitual self, we turn mechanical to sanctify death. In case of a dream-death we also become unemotional to get rid of the reminiscences. The uncanny similarity ends here. The distinct difference follows. We loose the ‘mystical’ sight in case of a dream-break while we loose a presence in death.

What sets death apart though is its ripple effect. The fact that we have so many attachments in life, leads to this effect. I know the world moves on but it moves on slightly differently because of a death. We as usual are oblivious to this minor change in the scheme of things.

And someday as we recline, or are downcast, or plain happy or just ruminating our innerselves, nostalgia takes over. The only thought that comes across is that people have simply disappeared into thin air. That is roughly like loosing a presence.


It is like following this path, which takes one from the blurry black world to a bright brilliance.


~ by candidmusing on January 29, 2008.

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