The (Un)explained Break


It has been a fortnight since I posted anything. I am figuring out, Why?

It all began with ‘SNOW’ (rather the absense of it). Orhan Pamuk writes uniquely about it. The hexagonal snow flake has never been described so vividly. Quite contrary to ‘Ka’, the protagonist, snow eluded me. The overcast sky though completed the picture of gloom, which is what the novel is about. [Aqsa is coming up with a post quoting similarities between Ka and me]

The curiosity about knowing the ‘visibilty range’ didnt help either. The flights from Srinagar to Delhi which frequently get cancelled at the slightest weather disturb, betrayed me. The Kingfisher flight defied low visibility ranges, wailing weather, growing dark and my disinclination to take it. As the plane soared into the sky, I sank into the depths of dimness.

To fall into a ‘routine’ is difficult. Waking up early, wrapping up the unfinished novels, trying to be objective, making calls to forgotten friends and planning are all unsucessful ways to achieve a left behind routine. What helps though is sleep. And if you have had enough of it, watching movies does no harm.

Talking of movies, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, was my first plunge since my return. The recommendations and praise heightened expectations. The ethereal portrayal matched up. Just for the record, ‘Mera Jahaan’ was my favourite song. Well, what this movie really gives us is childhood memories. Refreshing in every sense. [Probably my next post]


~ by candidmusing on January 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “The (Un)explained Break”

  1. When are you posting your new blog.I’m eagerly
    waiting for that.’Ka’ ?

  2. while reading d novel i couldnt undrstand y a novel about such a man. he didnt know what he acctually wanted, ran away frm happines, it was nt he doing somthing different it was d difference in a situtation,.. d only thing he did gud was poetry which was absent in d novel…
    blue n kadif showed more heroism./.
    i sympathise such person like ka… but i also found some similarites btween him n me..

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