I am tired. I have been in a trance for over an hour. The world has been moving so fast. The deafening hullabaloo has made me really sick. I know there is a truth, a universal truth. A truth that reiterates itself with every breath we take and a truth that we so conciously seem to ignore.

Suddenly my phone breaks the silence of my reverie. It is Junaid. He has a song etched on his mind. It is so beautiful that he fails to sing it out. The next moment I find myself running towards his chamber. As I draw closer, in the distance I hear the truth wisper. The world around me comes to a static. And in the flash of a moment I find myself sitting in a chair. Across the table is Junaid. The whole of the background has been numbed and between us is : Mitti main miljayein ge bhoolo-na bhool-na. Both of us sink back in our chairs listening to the truth of our very existence. The ‘Junoon’ of materialism stumbles and metamorphosis into the ‘Junoon’ of death. The eyes flicker for a moment, then there is darkness. The beautiful dark that swamps our wretched life.


~ by candidmusing on December 21, 2007.

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  1. Junoon, hmmmm!

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